STEAM Up the Classroom


Connecting with other educators around the world is one of my favorite parts of the teaching profession. It is true when you hear people say, “We are better together!”.

I am thankful for Twitter connecting Tori Cameron and I together. She is a fellow STEAM teacher in Massachusetts where she also hosts STEAM Up The Classroom podcast. She talks with other educators and people in STEAM fields to highlight the benefits of using STEAM in the classroom.

As a guest of her podcast we compared our experiences teaching in STEAM classrooms across a variety of grade levels, shared teaching ideas, and chatted about how being mothers has changed how we approach teaching. You will not want to miss this episode and will find yourself looking for more! Tune into Season 2, Episode 6: STEAM Classroom to hear more!

You can also tune into the STEM Everyday #83 to hear more about my work teaching in my STEAM classroom.