3Doodler Teacher Spotlight

Check out my interview with 3Doodler!!

One of my favorite parts of being a STEAM teacher is finding the latest technology to embed into my STEAM curriculum. In the fall of 2017, I started to hear the buzz of 3D printing pens. At this point 3D printing technology started to become more affordable for teachers to access and implement for their students. But 3D printers are relatively expensive, involve software on the computer and the easiest ones still have a learning curve and plenty of problems.

3Doodler is different. The 3Doodler pens allow you to draw in 3D as easy as just writing with a pen! 3Doodler seemed like the perfect tool for all elementary students to use as they learned the basics of 3D printing. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview with 3Doodler to explain how their pens and technology in general has transformed learning in my classroom! You won’t want to miss it - Teacher Spotlight: Full STEAM Ahead with Brittany Ballou.

(I do love my 3D printers but the 3Doodler pens get a lot more work in my classroom each year.)


Some quotes from the interview:

My classroom is best described as organized chaos where students are laughing, learning, and building!

Students were so engaged with their 3D pens that they didn’t have time to be bothered to talk with their teammates!

We are helping students prepare for jobs that don’t even exist yet.