Building Materials

Part of STEAM is building prototypes to rectify a problem, so building takes place each week in my classroom. While sometimes students are using recyclables and consumables to build, having a variety of non-consumable building tools is an important part to my classroom instruction. If you read my previous post, Learning with LEGO, then you already know how versatile and beloved the brick is by my students and myself.

However, having a variety of building materials is important because it gets students thinking in different ways. I’ve compiled a list of materials that are easy to add to your classroom construction. They are perfect for students of all ages. While I tend to use them for solving problems such as, build a bridge to get your elephants across or Cinderella needs a new castle, they can also be used for anything from imaginative play to concrete math concepts.

Later on I’ll break down each tool (and even more tools!) and how I use them in the classroom, but for now, go check them out and start brainstorming how you can add them into your instruction today!


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