Summer Break


Summer Break. If you ask a teacher they most likely wouldn’t agree that it’s a “break”. We have meetings, lesson plan ideas, conferences, and professional development that we still attend during the summer. So no, we don’t just hang up our hat for 10 weeks straight and completely forget about our classrooms.

But I’m here to say, yes, I’ve taken a “break” while traveling with my family and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. My son is only going to be this small once, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his “firsts” this summer! First time sitting up, clapping, all the new solid foods, going to the pool, flying, visiting friends and family, being the first one he sees in the morning and the last one to kiss him goodnight. And I’m not afraid to say I’m enjoying every minute. I’m still reading my professional development books, jotting down lesson ideas, applying to present at conferences, and sending emails to colleagues, but instead of doing that in my classroom in a 7:30-3:15pm setting, I’m doing it on a lounge chair by the beach as my 7-month old sleeps to the sound of waves rolling in.

So teachers, soak it up. Enjoy your “break”. Travel with family. Sleep in. Go out to eat with friends. And come back rejuvenated for your students. Because they deserve it and you deserve it.