Have you ever found yourself in a teaching rut? You’re just checking the boxes to get from 8am to 3pm in order to make it through the day, to the weekend, or to the next school break? Maybe you feel bogged down by the paperwork, behavior issues, state testing, or any number of other things. Well I’m here to help! Or rather Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney are here to help!

You may have heard of the Kids Deserve It movement from a colleague, Twitter, passing article, or maybe you’ve read the book for yourself. So what is all of the excitement about? The book takes you chapter by chapter to remind you of why you got into education in the first place. I know there are always moments in your teaching career where you need that reminder. For me, that was two years ago when I switched teaching positions, schools, and even counties because I needed a change in order to purse what I’m passionate about.

In order for change to happen, you have to acknowledge where you are at right now. We all got into education to help children learn. Don’t lose sight of that humble beginning. Find your roots and reestablish them. Because YOU are your students everything when they sit in your classroom. Be there for them, every hug as they walk in the door, pat on the back as you encourage them not to give up, and smile as they leave at the end of the day. You don’t know what they are going home to and our Kids Deserve the very best we can give them!

Be sure to check out Kids Deserve It to get a copy of your own and pass it onto a friend when you’re finished. You can also join a community of like-minded educators on Twitter too. They have weekly chats 9:00-9:30pm EST.



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